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The Creative South Podcast focuses on the “people” behind the design. The best way for us to do that is to talk to people and listen to them share their stories. Not necessarily the stories you hear from the stage, but ones you get when you actually have a conversation with someone. We want to have conversations not only with the presenters and people hosting workshops, but the vendors and attendees. We also want to talk to other creative people, not just the designers, illustrators, and photographers, but the developers, writers, musicians, comedians, chefs and anyone else that uses their creative talent. It's not about being from the South, that's just where we live!

If you have suggestions for guests or questions about the show, please reach out to us on Twitter @creativesopod or @jfrostholm, or shoot us an email at jason at creativesouth dot com. #Hugnecks

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    148: Laura Bee, Alien of Extraordinary Ability

    This week on the Creative South Podcast, I’m talking with illustrator Laura Bee, of Ghostly Ferns. We chat about going it on her own as a freelancer right out of the gate after university, how Ghostly Ferns got started and how they operate as independent contractors, how she battled depression and what she did to start taking care of herself, and more.

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    147: Joseph Salza

    This week on the Creative South Podcast, I’m talking with Joseph Salza, host of the Grits & Grids Podcast and owner & Creative Director of Vigor Branding, an at Atlanta based firm specializing in restaurant and beverage branding. We chat about starting Vigor right after college and building the business into a 10 person agency—until the recession hit, and he had to go out and find a 9-5 job working for someone else, how his leadership style changes after rebuilding Vigor, how Grits & Grids got started and a blog and evolved into the podcast, what foods he loves and hates, and more.

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    146: Mekale Jackson

    This week on the Creative South Podcast, I’m talking with Mekale Jackson, Creative Director for St. Johns University Athletics. We chat about how as an English Lit major he got into Graphic Design by making flyers for his Fraternity, creating a brand with the Red Storm that focuses on the grittiness and culture of New York City, how keeping a disciplined schedule helps him avoid overworking himself and burnout, what he’s learned through mentoring students and interns, and more.

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    145: Melinda Livsey

    This week on the Creative South Podcast, I’m talking with Designer, Melinda Livsey. We chat about how an internship at Oakley turned into a full time job and what she learned in her time as an in-house designer, when she made the turn from viewing herself as a freelance designer and started considering herself a small business owner, how she got hooked up with Chris Do and The Futur and what she’s learned under his coaching, I end up getting some coaching from Melinda for Frostiki, the design business my wife Tina and I run, and we find out Melinda’s three year plan.

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    144: Chin Up, Chinchilla with Beth Stafford and Jeremy Slagle

    This week on the Creative South Podcast, I’m talking with Author and Designer, Beth Stafford and Illustrator and Designer, Jeremy Slagle about their upcoming children’s book, “Chin up, Chinchilla.” We get a bit of Beth and Jeremy’s backgrounds, Talk about how Beth came up with the idea for the book, how Jeremy got involved with the illustrations, Creating emotion in the characters expressions, and discuss the Kickstarter campaign for "Chin Up, Chinchilla."

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    143: Chris Thomas - Leader by Design

    This week on the Creative South Podcast, I’m talking with UX designer, Chris Thomas. We chat about how he went from dropping out of HVAC school to playing Harmonica in touring bands to his career in UX Design, How working as a designer at churches taught him how to think about UX design through the customers eyes, the importance of design leadership and being intentional in your designs, and more.

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    142: Douglas Davis, Creative Strategy and the Business of Design

    This week on the Creative South Podcast, I’m talking with designer, educator, and author of “Creative Strategy and the Business of Design,” Douglas Davis. Douglas and I chat about how a kid with no plans to go to college ended up with two masters degrees and as chair of his department at New York City College of Technology, struggling with addiction for years and how having a front row seat to seeing the planes hit the World Trade Center on 9/11 helped cement his sobriety, learning from your failures and how overcoming the fear of failing can help you progress in your work and life, and more.

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    141: David Brier

    This week on the Creative South Podcast, I’m talking with designer and author of “Brand Intervention,” David Brier. David and I chat about studying under Ed Benguiat and working for Herb Lubalin and the level of crafter he learned from them, how he defines brand and how he simplifies the concept of brand, helping clients take ownership of and tell their stories, and more.

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    140: Amber Vitoria

    This week on the Creative South Podcast, I’m talking illustrator Amber Vittoria. Amber and I chat about focusing her illustrations to celebrate the diversity of the female form, why she chooses to create art and illustrations that speak to issues women face, exploring new illustration styles, experimenting with painting, and more.

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    139: Mitch Goldstein

    This week on the Creative South Podcast, I’m talking designer and educator Mitch Goldstein. We chat about being dialed into architecture early on in undergrad before being asked to take an extended break from college, how getting into RISD changed his life and lead him to where he is now, how teaching has helped him continue learning & expand his private practice, how the over use of design as problem solving is a self aggrandizing dialogue, and more.

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