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The Creative South Podcast focuses on the “people” behind the design. The best way for us to do that is to talk to people and listen to them share their stories. Not necessarily the stories you hear from the stage, but ones you get when you actually have a conversation with someone. We want to have conversations not only with the presenters and people hosting workshops, but the vendors and attendees. We also want to talk to other creative people, not just the designers, illustrators, and photographers, but the developers, writers, musicians, comedians, chefs and anyone else that uses their creative talent. It's not about being from the South, that's just where we live!

If you have suggestions for guests or questions about the show, please reach out to us on Twitter @creativesopod or @jfrostholm, or shoot us an email at jason at creativesouth dot com. #Hugnecks

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    110: Branded Baron with Joe Baron

    Today on the Creative South Podcast, I’m talking with designer and illustrator, Joe Baron. We chat about what it takes to start your own apparel company, learning to run the business side of things on top of designing, his design process, working with brands like Guns & Roses and Harley-Davidson, and more

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    109: Todd Radom

    Today on the Creative South Podcast, I’m talking with one of Sports designs’ greats—Todd Radom. Todd and I sit down and chat about growing up in a family of commercial artists, starting out after college designing kids literature book covers for Hearst Publishing, going out on his own and renting a desk from Paula Scher, working with Ice Cube on the branding for the Big 3 basketball league, and his up coming book Winning Ugly: A Visual History of the Most Bizarre Baseball Uniforms Ever Worn, and more.

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    108: Branding Brews Crossover Episode

    Today on the Creative South Podcast, we’ve got another crossover episode for you. This time I sit down with Ryan Wheaton, host of the Branding Brews Podcast. Branding Brews covers all aspects that go into creating a craft beer brand from hiring a designer, to making tap handles, to trademarking your brand and beers. We cover a lot of ground, discussing how we got into design and why we started podcasts. We also chat about Creative South, how Ryan got into branding craft beers, and more.

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    107: A Special Crossover Episode with Creatoring

    Today on the Creative South Podcast, we’re doing something a bit different. This is a special crossover episode with Zach Wilkinson and Daniel Haire the co-hosts of the Creatoring podcast. We sit down to talk about each others shows, why we decided to do podcasts, and tons of other tangents in this fun conversation.

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    106: The Banner Years Returns

    Today on the Creative South Podcast, I’m talking with Tara Victoria and Brad Weaver from The Banner Years. We sit down and talk about their new venture, The Shore, and how it relates something that affects a lot of us in the creative world—depression, anxiety and other mental health issues. We discuss why they decided to take on this project, finding resources for people struggling with mental health issues, helping people suffering find ways to articulate what they are dealing with instead of retreating into themselves, how we can help our friends and family that we see struggling by creating an opportunity for them to open in a safe place, and more.

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    106: Joe Bosack

    Today on the Creative South Podcast, I’m talking with one of the biggest names in sports branding, Joe Bosack. We talk about how Joe got his start in sports identity design by working for the National Hockey League fresh out of college, the complicated design process when working with college sports programs, collaborating with other sports branding designers on large scale projects and building the best team for the job, and more.

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    104: Jacqui Oakley

    Today on the Creative South Podcast, I’m talking with Hamilton, Ontario based Illustrator Jacqui Oakley. Jacqui has worked with clients like The New York Times, Rolling Stone, National Geographic & Amazon. We talk about growing up in Bahrain, England, Zambia, and Libya, how she got started shortly after college in an illustration collective, defining and evolving your styles, collaborating with her husband, designer and illustrator Jamie Lawson on a Sci Fi gallery exhibition, and more,

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    103: Oh Beautiful Beer with Harvey Shepard

    Today on the Creative South Podcast, I’m talking with Seattle based designer, Harvey Shepard. Harvey is best known for his blog and book, Oh Beautiful Beer, which highlights some of the best designs in beer branding and packaging from around the world. We chat about how an interest in sports and discovering a Coors light bat bottle led to an interest in beer packaging, how his career transitioned from math teacher to graphic designer and author, the process of taking Oh Beautiful Beer from a blog and turning it into a book, and more.

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    102: Amarilys Henderson

    Today on the Creative South Podcast, I’m talking with Rochester, Minnesota based illustrator Amarilys Henderson. We chat about how she chose watercolor as her illustration medium while she was still in high school, teaching and building classes on SkillShare, the process of licensing your illustration work, how she uses painting to process things like her faith and emotions, and more.

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    101: Trey Ingram

    Today on the Creative South Podcast, I’m talking with Jacksonville, Florida based designer and illustrator Trey Ingram. On top of his freelance design and illustration business, Trey runs Atlantic Ink Crew, a screen printing shop specializing in posters and apparel. We chat about using self-initiated projects to build his skills and garner more work, how being part of a design community has boosted his motivation, running two businesses and all the hats you have to wear, and more.

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