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The Creative South Podcast focuses on the “people” behind the design. The best way for us to do that is to talk to people and listen to them share their stories. Not necessarily the stories you hear from the stage, but ones you get when you actually have a conversation with someone. We want to have conversations not only with the presenters and people hosting workshops, but the vendors and attendees. We also want to talk to other creative people, not just the designers, illustrators, and photographers, but the developers, writers, musicians, comedians, chefs and anyone else that uses their creative talent. It's not about being from the South, that's just where we live!

If you have suggestions for guests or questions about the show, please reach out to us on Twitter @creativesopod or @jfrostholm, or shoot us an email at jason at creativesouth dot com. #Hugnecks

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    Live from CS18: Josh Ariza & Jamal Collins

    We’re heading back to the most recent Creative South. I sat down with a ton of talented designers and illustrators during the conference and talked about all kinds of stuff. This week on the Creative South Podcast, I’m talking with Josh Ariza and Jamal Collins. Sit back and relax, strap into your way back machine, and enjoy the show.

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    133: Brittany Barnhart

    This week on the Creative South Podcast I’m talking with designer and illustrator, Brittany Barnhart. Brittany and I talk about how attending Weapons of Mass Creation while in college helped solidify her desire to be a designer, the importance of remaining curious and learning new things, dealing with a nightmare client and the lessons she learned, and more,

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    132: Lydia Kuekes

    This week on the Creative South Podcast I’m talking with artist, designer, and Creative South Alumnus Lydia Kuekes. Lydia and I chat about sticking with graphic design after being rejected twice from her college program, why she went back for her masters degree after five years of working professionally, how we can use our talents as designers for good and to promote change, how she got into block printing and what it’s done to make her work better.

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    131: Andrew Hochradel

    This week on the Creative South Podcast I’m talking with artist and designer, Andrew Hochradel. Andrew and I chat about how Tim Burton’s A Nightmare Before Christmas triggered an interest in creating worlds through the arts, how he balances teaching Graphic Design History at California Baptist University, working as Lead Designer for Sandals Church, as well as freelancing and other creative side projects, how he determines what kind of side projects and freelance work he takes on, and more.

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    130: Jon Contino

    This week on the Creative South Podcast I’m talking with artist and designer, Jon Contino. Jon and I chat about playing in bands as a kid and designing the cover art for the tapes they made, the importance of understanding typography before diving into hand lettering, the process of working with Hollywood studios on key art for movies, using client boundaries to push your work further in a new directions, and more.

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    129: Meg Vázquez

    This week on the Creative South Podcast, I’m talking with Illustrator and Designer, Meg Vázquez. We chat about designing gig posters through Delicious Design League, building design systems within the Democratic National Committee and on the Hillary Clinton Campaign in 2016, moving the digital design language forward at GQ by streamlining processes, and more.

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    128: Helena Price

    I want to congratulate this weeks guest, photographer Helena Price on the recent birth of her daughter. Helena and I chat about how she went from working in PR to turning her hobby of photography into a career, translating the skills she learned in PR to assets as a business owner running her own studio, how the idea for her techies series came to be and the attention garnered about diversity in the tech sector, and more.

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    127: Alex Wier

    Today on the Creative South Podcast, I’m chatting with Alex Wier, Creative Director at Wier/Stewart. We talk about keeping ahead of design trends without being trendy, adding objectivity into a subjective field so you don’t fall back on your personal preferences, how Wier/Stewart determines the type of work they will take on versus being an agency that tries to do everything, and more.

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    126: Logo Lounge Founder, Bill Gardner

    Today on the Creative South Podcast, I’m chatting with the founder of Logo Lounge, Bill Gardner. We talk about taking putting himself through college by performing magic, how Logo Lounge started and the impact it’s had on our industry, defending intellectual property in India after one of his logos was stolen, identifying and forecasting logo trends, and more.

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