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The Creative South Podcast focuses on the “people” behind the design. The best way for us to do that is to talk to people and listen to them share their stories. Not necessarily the stories you hear from the stage, but ones you get when you actually have a conversation with someone. We want to have conversations not only with the presenters and people hosting workshops, but the vendors and attendees. We also want to talk to other creative people, not just the designers, illustrators, and photographers, but the developers, writers, musicians, comedians, chefs and anyone else that uses their creative talent. It's not about being from the South, that's just where we live!

If you have suggestions for guests or questions about the show, please reach out to us on Twitter @creativesopod or @jfrostholm, or shoot us an email at jason at creativesouth dot com. #Hugnecks

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    135: Alma Hoffmann

    This week on the Creative South Podcast, I’m talking with artist and design educator, Alma Hoffmann. Alma and I chat about growing up in Puerto Rico, struggling with self-doubt throughout college and graduate school, dealing with racism and bigotry because of her accent, and more.

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    Live from CS18: Josh Ariza & Jamal Collins

    We’re heading back to the most recent Creative South. I sat down with a ton of talented designers and illustrators during the conference and talked about all kinds of stuff. This week on the Creative South Podcast, I’m talking with Josh Ariza and Jamal Collins. Sit back and relax, strap into your way back machine, and enjoy the show.

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    133: Brittany Barnhart

    This week on the Creative South Podcast I’m talking with designer and illustrator, Brittany Barnhart. Brittany and I talk about how attending Weapons of Mass Creation while in college helped solidify her desire to be a designer, the importance of remaining curious and learning new things, dealing with a nightmare client and the lessons she learned, and more,

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    132: Lydia Kuekes

    This week on the Creative South Podcast I’m talking with artist, designer, and Creative South Alumnus Lydia Kuekes. Lydia and I chat about sticking with graphic design after being rejected twice from her college program, why she went back for her masters degree after five years of working professionally, how we can use our talents as designers for good and to promote change, how she got into block printing and what it’s done to make her work better.

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    131: Andrew Hochradel

    This week on the Creative South Podcast I’m talking with artist and designer, Andrew Hochradel. Andrew and I chat about how Tim Burton’s A Nightmare Before Christmas triggered an interest in creating worlds through the arts, how he balances teaching Graphic Design History at California Baptist University, working as Lead Designer for Sandals Church, as well as freelancing and other creative side projects, how he determines what kind of side projects and freelance work he takes on, and more.

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    130: Jon Contino

    This week on the Creative South Podcast I’m talking with artist and designer, Jon Contino. Jon and I chat about playing in bands as a kid and designing the cover art for the tapes they made, the importance of understanding typography before diving into hand lettering, the process of working with Hollywood studios on key art for movies, using client boundaries to push your work further in a new directions, and more.

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    129: Meg Vázquez

    This week on the Creative South Podcast, I’m talking with Illustrator and Designer, Meg Vázquez. We chat about designing gig posters through Delicious Design League, building design systems within the Democratic National Committee and on the Hillary Clinton Campaign in 2016, moving the digital design language forward at GQ by streamlining processes, and more.

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    128: Helena Price

    I want to congratulate this weeks guest, photographer Helena Price on the recent birth of her daughter. Helena and I chat about how she went from working in PR to turning her hobby of photography into a career, translating the skills she learned in PR to assets as a business owner running her own studio, how the idea for her techies series came to be and the attention garnered about diversity in the tech sector, and more.

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    127: Alex Wier

    Today on the Creative South Podcast, I’m chatting with Alex Wier, Creative Director at Wier/Stewart. We talk about keeping ahead of design trends without being trendy, adding objectivity into a subjective field so you don’t fall back on your personal preferences, how Wier/Stewart determines the type of work they will take on versus being an agency that tries to do everything, and more.

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    126: Logo Lounge Founder, Bill Gardner

    Today on the Creative South Podcast, I’m chatting with the founder of Logo Lounge, Bill Gardner. We talk about taking putting himself through college by performing magic, how Logo Lounge started and the impact it’s had on our industry, defending intellectual property in India after one of his logos was stolen, identifying and forecasting logo trends, and more.

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    125: Mikey Burton

    Today on the Creative South Podcast, I’m chatting with designy illustrator, Mikey Burton. We talk about taking a break between his undergrad and grad schooling to start a design company with his college buddies, how he learned to create and manage editorial illustration through trial and error, what it’s like to work on HBO’s “Last Week Tonight with John Oliver,” and more.

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    124: Sean Ferguson

    Today on the Creative South Podcast, I’m chatting with designer and vector illustrator, Sean Ferguson. Sean will be teaching a workshop at this years Creative South with Von Glitschka. We talk about how his career progressed from doing prepress to working in agencies doing web and motion design, and how that eventually lead to being creative director, moving in to designing for virtual reality and the challenges that come with that, how People Love Process and his partnership with Von Glitschka came to be, and more.

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    123: Jason Carne

    Today on the Creative South Podcast I’m chatting with Designer and Lettering Artist Jason Carne. We talk about how a love for metal music and album art led to an interest in design, how Lettering Library came to be and how he finds the books that make up the library, how he almost quit design all together after a being burned by a series of bad clients and how her turned things around.

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    Bonus Episode: Joey Ellis

    Today on the Creative South Podcast I’m chatting with illustrator Joey Ellis. We talk about accepting the wisdom that comes with age and experience, how his career path went from primarily being a designer in agencies to being a full-time freelance illustration, the evolution of Leaky Timbers from graphic never to a pitch for a TV show spanning genres and incorporating animation and puppets, plus we talk about the workshop and talk he and Luke Flowers will be doing at this years Creative South.

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    121:Ben Burns from The Futur

    Today on the Creative South Podcast, we’re continuing our conversation with the team from Blind and the Futur, with their Digital Director, Ben Burns. Ben and I chat about how he went from studying design and working in the industry, to being a narcotics officer and then eventually back to design, how reaching out to Chris Do to say thank you when he was struggling with his own freelance business eventually led to him ending up working at Blind and The Futur & much more.

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    120: Chris Do

    Today on the Creative South Podcast, I’m talking with the founder of The Futur and Blind, Chris Do. Chris and I chat about the skills he’s learned throughout his career, how coaching people online though The Futur turned into a passion, how being open to things is the key you for own personal growth, how developing your personal brand & focusing on your financial & emotional being is an asset to your employer & much more. This is one of my favorite episodes so far this year. I learned so much in what felt a one on one coaching session.

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    119: Dave Clayton

    Today on the Creative South Podcast, I’m talking with Dave Clayton, Training Manager at Astute Graphics. Dave and I chat about the his early love for art and architecture, starting out his career working for his dad refurbishing machinery, how fixing printing presses led him to graphic design, how he became evangelist for Kelby One and how that led to his role at Astute Graphics & so much more.

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    118: Brad Woodard

    Today on the Creative South Podcast, I’m talking with illustrator, Brad Woodard. Brad and I chat about the interesting way he turned a college internship into a full-time job, how getting on board with SkillShare early on helped boost his career and led to him deciding to go out on his own and start Brave the Woods, the mission of Artists for Education & so much more.

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    117: Matthew Coughlin

    Today on the Creative South Podcast, I’m talking with photographer Matthew Coughlin. We chat about how he went from videotaping and editing legal depositions to making the leap a professional photographer working with publications like Outdoor Life and ESPN, his collaboration process, one of his favorite shoots & so much more.

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    116: Co-Show with Eggs The Podcast

    Today on the Creative South Podcast, I’m talking with Ryan Rogar & Mike Smith from Eggs The Podcast. We talk about podcasting, creativity, how their podcast go started, the importance of events & networking with your fellow creatives, business building & so much more.

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    115: Logo Geek with Ian Paget

    Today on the Creative South Podcast, I’m talking with Ian Paget, founder of Logo Geek. We chat about his career path, how Logo Geek came to be, building a community around it through his blog and podcast, how he re-evaluated life and decided he didn’t want to regret not doing things after the passing of his mother, where he’d like to take Logo Geek in the future, and more.

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    114: Stephanie Irigoyen

    Today on the Creative South Podcast, I’m talking with Stephanie Irigoyen, founder of Design Week Tallahassee. We chat about her career, including going out on her own this past year, how Design Week Tallahassee came to be, the importance if diversity in events and conferences, and more.

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    113: Anna Hurley

    Today on the Creative South Podcast, I’m talking with illustrator Anna Hurley. We chat about how an interest in journalism led to her going to college to study graphic design and illustration, starting off as an illustrator for a stationary company, working as an illustrator in the tech industry, and more.

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    112: Alice Lee

    Today on the Creative South Podcast, I’m talking with illustrator Alice Lee. We chat about studying business at the University of Pennsylvania’s famed Wharton School of Business & how she became a designer then illustrator, how she developed her own voice as an illustrator, how mindfulness and meditation help her deal with her fears and anxiety, and more.

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    111: Darold Pinnock - Passion Behind The Art

    Today on the Creative South Podcast, I’m talking with designer and podcaster, Darold Pinnock. We chat about how he went from studying architecture in college to being an independent graphic designer, balancing his day job with his graphic design job, why he decided to start the Passion Behind The Art podcast, and more.

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    110: Branded Baron with Joe Baron

    Today on the Creative South Podcast, I’m talking with designer and illustrator, Joe Baron. We chat about what it takes to start your own apparel company, learning to run the business side of things on top of designing, his design process, working with brands like Guns & Roses and Harley-Davidson, and more

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    109: Todd Radom

    Today on the Creative South Podcast, I’m talking with one of Sports designs’ greats—Todd Radom. Todd and I sit down and chat about growing up in a family of commercial artists, starting out after college designing kids literature book covers for Hearst Publishing, going out on his own and renting a desk from Paula Scher, working with Ice Cube on the branding for the Big 3 basketball league, and his up coming book Winning Ugly: A Visual History of the Most Bizarre Baseball Uniforms Ever Worn, and more.

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    108: Branding Brews Crossover Episode

    Today on the Creative South Podcast, we’ve got another crossover episode for you. This time I sit down with Ryan Wheaton, host of the Branding Brews Podcast. Branding Brews covers all aspects that go into creating a craft beer brand from hiring a designer, to making tap handles, to trademarking your brand and beers. We cover a lot of ground, discussing how we got into design and why we started podcasts. We also chat about Creative South, how Ryan got into branding craft beers, and more.

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    107: A Special Crossover Episode with Creatoring

    Today on the Creative South Podcast, we’re doing something a bit different. This is a special crossover episode with Zach Wilkinson and Daniel Haire the co-hosts of the Creatoring podcast. We sit down to talk about each others shows, why we decided to do podcasts, and tons of other tangents in this fun conversation.

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    106: The Banner Years Returns

    Today on the Creative South Podcast, I’m talking with Tara Victoria and Brad Weaver from The Banner Years. We sit down and talk about their new venture, The Shore, and how it relates something that affects a lot of us in the creative world—depression, anxiety and other mental health issues. We discuss why they decided to take on this project, finding resources for people struggling with mental health issues, helping people suffering find ways to articulate what they are dealing with instead of retreating into themselves, how we can help our friends and family that we see struggling by creating an opportunity for them to open in a safe place, and more.

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    106: Joe Bosack

    Today on the Creative South Podcast, I’m talking with one of the biggest names in sports branding, Joe Bosack. We talk about how Joe got his start in sports identity design by working for the National Hockey League fresh out of college, the complicated design process when working with college sports programs, collaborating with other sports branding designers on large scale projects and building the best team for the job, and more.

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    104: Jacqui Oakley

    Today on the Creative South Podcast, I’m talking with Hamilton, Ontario based Illustrator Jacqui Oakley. Jacqui has worked with clients like The New York Times, Rolling Stone, National Geographic & Amazon. We talk about growing up in Bahrain, England, Zambia, and Libya, how she got started shortly after college in an illustration collective, defining and evolving your styles, collaborating with her husband, designer and illustrator Jamie Lawson on a Sci Fi gallery exhibition, and more,

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    103: Oh Beautiful Beer with Harvey Shepard

    Today on the Creative South Podcast, I’m talking with Seattle based designer, Harvey Shepard. Harvey is best known for his blog and book, Oh Beautiful Beer, which highlights some of the best designs in beer branding and packaging from around the world. We chat about how an interest in sports and discovering a Coors light bat bottle led to an interest in beer packaging, how his career transitioned from math teacher to graphic designer and author, the process of taking Oh Beautiful Beer from a blog and turning it into a book, and more.

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    102: Amarilys Henderson

    Today on the Creative South Podcast, I’m talking with Rochester, Minnesota based illustrator Amarilys Henderson. We chat about how she chose watercolor as her illustration medium while she was still in high school, teaching and building classes on SkillShare, the process of licensing your illustration work, how she uses painting to process things like her faith and emotions, and more.

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    101: Trey Ingram

    Today on the Creative South Podcast, I’m talking with Jacksonville, Florida based designer and illustrator Trey Ingram. On top of his freelance design and illustration business, Trey runs Atlantic Ink Crew, a screen printing shop specializing in posters and apparel. We chat about using self-initiated projects to build his skills and garner more work, how being part of a design community has boosted his motivation, running two businesses and all the hats you have to wear, and more.

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    100: Mike Jones Interviews Jason Frostholm

    Today on the Podcast, we’re doing something a little different. It’s our 100th episode, and to celebrate we’re flipping the mic around and my friend, brother, and Creative South co-founder, Mike Jones is interviewing me. It’s weird being on the other side of the mic, but we have a fun time talking about where I grew up, how I got into art and design, how the podcast got started, where the podcast is going, and more.

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    99: Tad Carpenter

    Today on the Creative South Podcast, I’m talking with Illustrator and Designer, Tad Carpenter. Tad and his wife Jessica run Carpenter Collective based out of Kansas City and have worked with clients like Adobe, Target, and Conan O’Brien. We chat about growing up in Kansas City while his dad was an illustrator for Hallmark, the reasons why you should work for someone and learn from them before you make the jump to go out on your own, how he ended up hosting Kodak’s youtube series Press On, and more.

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    98: Steve Wolf

    Today on the Creative South Podcast, I’m talking with Austin, Texas based Designer and Illustrator, Steve Wolf. We chat about growing up in Nebraska, we walk through his process from starting with research all the way to the client pitch, balancing a full-time job and a full-time freelance career, finding harmony in your relationship when you run a business with your spouse, and more.

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    97: Clint Walkingstick

    Today on the Creative South Podcast, I’m talking with Clint Walkingstick. Clint is an independent graphic designer based out of Oklahoma City. We chat about starting off in college as a creative writing and psychology major before a class where advertising was discussed changed his outlook, navigating the design world and wearing multiple hats when you aren’t a big name designer, the importance of family once you become a dad and more.

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    96: Mackey Saturday

    Today on the Creative South Podcast, I talk with Mackey Saturday. Mackey is the designer behind the logos of some of the biggest names in tech like Instagram and Oculus, as well as a principal at the world renowned Chermayeff & Geismar & Haviv in New York City. I talk about him getting a BFA in Metal Working, starting his freelance business and growing it to where he was working with some of the best-known brands in the world, what his process is when designing for companies at scale, how his partnership with CGH came about, and more.

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    95: Bryce Komae

    Today on the Creative South Podcast, I talk with Bryce Komae. Bryce is the Design Lead for Fishermen Labs, a Los Angeles based mobile app development studio. We talk about him starting college as a gerontology major, before switching to studying business after chemistry kicked his butt, teaching himself design while working on a documentary that turned into a non-profit, Designing for Virtual and Augmented Realities and the exciting challenges that come with emerging tech, and more.

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    94: Meg Robichaud

    Today on the Creative South Podcast, I talk with Meg Robichaud. Meg is illustration lead for Shopify, a customizable e-commerce platform. We talk about finding her way as a freelancer right after college and building that business, how a freelance contract and some gentle nudging led Meg to her role at Shopify, her travel adventures, what she learned from them, and more.

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    93: Adé Hogue

    Today on the Creative South Podcast, I talk with Adé Hogue. Adé is a free lance designer and Lettering Artist based in Chicago. We chat about starting college as a civil engineering major, until physics kicked his butt, coming up in the industry working for the founder of Cards Against Humanity and different agencies, how a 30-day lettering project helped Adé push himself creatively and eventually led to him going out on his own, and more.

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    92: Andy Vitale

    Today on the Creative South Podcast, I talk with Andy Vitale, a UX Design Principal for 3M’s Healthcare division. Andy and I start off talking about his winding career path, from a professional wrestler after dropping out of college, to his time working for the tabloids after 9/11 when his office building was exposed to anthrax, to his current role with 3M. Then we move into how building empathy leads to better design outcomes, bringing your own seat to the table, and more.

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    91: Luke Flowers

    Today, I talk with Luke Flowers. Luke is an incredible illustrator based in Colorado Springs. We sit down and talk about how his early love for Scholastic books kickstarted his desire to be an illustrator, defining your own style, the process and challenges that come with writing and illustrating a children’s book, and more.

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    90: Real Thread's Jordan Schiller

    Today, I talk with Jordan Schiller. Jordan is the Director of Growth at Real Thread. We do something a bit different here and talk about how you can better serve your clients by listening to them and building empathy for their needs. Jordan and I discuss the importance of goal setting, five steps to properly establishing goals, ways to move past and learn from failure, and more.

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    89: Bob Ewing

    Today, I talk with Bob Ewing. Bob is a designer, illustrator and lettering artist from Indianapolis. He’s best known for his daily lettering project and Inch X Inch, the button company he started with his friend Drew Hill. We talk about his circuitous path to being a designer after dropping out of architecture school, why he started on his lettering adventure, why he and Drew started Inch X Inch, the challenges of running a business, and more.

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    88: Becky Margraf

    Today, I talk with Becky Margraf. Becky is the Platform Manager for, an online learning community for kids. She's well-known for her 100-day projects involving felt faces and most recently her felt pockets series. We talk about how her career path led her from majoring in Graphic design to running, wanting to work on things that make a difference, working on personal projects as a creative outlet and an emotional anchor during a stressful year, and more.

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    87: Lunar Saloon

    Today, I talk with Alex and Meg Griendling of Lunar Saloon. We talk about how Lunar Saloon was born, the pros and cons of working together as a couple, the business of running a studio, balancing client work with designing products, and more.

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    86: Dina Rodriguez

    Today, we talk with hand lettering artist and designer, Dina Rodriguez. We talk about her experience at Pratt during High School, moving to Portland with her boyfriend based on their shared love for the TV show Portlandia, streaming on Twitch, working on her year of education that stemmed from a lull in client work, and more.

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    85: Nikki Villagomez

    Today, I talk with Designer Nikki Villagomez. We talk about her career path, working in-house and serving on AIGA’s In-house INitiative board, how culture affects typography and more.

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    84: Chad Michael Studio

    Today, I talk with Illustrator and Designer, Chad Michael, of Chad Michael Studio. We talk about his Early Career in New York City, the challenges of running a one-man shop, designing liquor packaging, and more.

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    Live From CS17: Mike Jones, Jason Ratner & Terence Tang

    Today we’re wrapping up the series of short conversations recorded live at Creative South 2017. We talk with Creative South co-founder Mike Jones, Disney designer Jason Ratner, and designer Terence Tang about their paths in the creative world.

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    83: Fabio Perez

    Today, we talk with Fabio Perez a designer and Illustrator out of Miami. We talk about growing up in Cuba, the importance of being part of a creative community, how overthinking holds you back, and more.

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    Live From CS17: Zach Wilkinson, Daniel Haire & Michael Campbell

    Today we’re continuing with a series of short conversations recorded live at Creative South 2017. We talk with Zach Wilkinson and Daniel Haire about their new podcast, Creatoring, and I talk with designer Michael Campbell about his path in the creative world.

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    82: Dominique Falla

    Today, I talk with Dominique Falla, founder of Typism. We talk about her winding career path, tactile typography, how forming good creative habits and improving your creative fitness helps you avoid burnout, and more

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    Live from CS17: Eddie Givens & Yegor Mytrofanov

    Today we’re continuing with a series of short conversations recorded live at Creative South 2017. In this episode, I’m once again joined by my guest co-host Zack Wilkinson. We talk with Eddie Givens, a multi-faceted designer from Ohio and Yegor Mytrofanov, Chief Operating Officer of Zajno, a digital product agency based in the Ukraine, about their paths in the creative world.

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    81: TJ Harley

    Today, I talk with TJ Harley of Harley Creative in Atlanta. We talk about how he got his start in Sports Branding, going out on his own, collaborating with several of sports branding’s heavy hitters on the NCAA Championship logos, and more.

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    Live from CS17: Brian White & Scotty Russell

    Today we’re continuing with a series of short conversations recorded live at Creative South 2017. In this episode, I’m joined by special guest co-host Zack Wilkinson. We talk with Brian White of TriLion Studios in Lawrence, Kansas and Scotty Russell of Perspective Collective about their paths in the creative world.

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    80: Syd Weiler

    Today, I talk with Syd Weiler, creator of Trash Doves. We talk about her experience with Adobe’s Creative Residency, Streaming on Twitch, the downside of viral success, and more,

  63. Thumb 1493095474 artwork

    Live from CS17: Blake Stevenson, Lenny Terenzi & Kristen Musgrave

    Today we’re continuing with a series of short conversations recorded live at Creative South 2017. In this episode, I talk with Blake Stevenson of Jetpacks & Rollerskates and Lenny Terenzi of Hey! Monkey Design and his wife Kristen Musgrave, a veterinarian based in Raleigh, North Carolina.

  64. Thumb 1492576383 artwork

    79: Brad Flowers

    Today, we talk with Brad Flowers, Founding Partner of Bullhorn Creative in Lexington, Kentucky. We talk about building an agency and how early on not having a marketing background was an advantage, Bullhorn’s process for working on Naming projects, knowing when a client is a right fit for your culture, and more.

  65. Thumb 1492489491 artwork

    Live From CS17: Scott Fuller & Alex Lazaris

    Today we’re kicking off a series of short conversations recorded live at Creative South 2017. In this episode, I talk with Scott Fuller of Studio Temporary and Alex Lazaris, a Senior Brand Designer at Twitch.TV.

  66. Thumb 1491971723 artwork

    78: Ced Funches

    Today, I talk with Ced Funches, Executive Director of Design at VOX Media. We talk about how his mom getting cancer helped him focus on family, ending up homeless for a brief period, dealing with depression and how his wife helped him through that period of his life, and more.

  67. Thumb 1491368161 artwork

    77: Colin Tierney

    Today, I talk with Colin Tierney. Colin is a West Virginia-based designer and founder of Crayligraphy. We talk about how Crayligraphy got started, freelancing while working full-time and raising a family, and finding a way to balance everything.

  68. Thumb 1490804946 artwork

    76: Josh Emrich

    Today, I talk with Josh Emrich. Josh is an illustrator and designer based out of Indianapolis. He runs Emrich Office with his wife Katie while raising four kids and a dog. We talk about designing for craft beer, illustrating characters and creatures for Campy Creatures, finding work-life balance, and more.

  69. Thumb 1490157976 artwork

    75: Radim Malinic

    Today, I talk with Radim Malinic. Radim is a creative director, designer, and author of Book of Ideas. We talk about prioritizing your day, work-life balance, why he decided to write the book, and more.

  70. Thumb 1489586188 artwork

    74: Pressing On: The Letterpress Film

    Today, I talk with Erin Beckloff and Andrew Quinn, the co-directors of Pressing On: The Letterpress Film. We talk about how the documentary came about, why it was important to tell this story, and more.

  71. Thumb 1488950113 artwork

    73: Maurice Cherry, Host of Revision Path

    Today, I talk with Maurice Cherry, host of the Revision Path Podcast. Revision Path is a weekly interview podcast showcasing some of the best Black graphic designers, web designers, and web developers out there. Maurice and I talk about the podcast, his career, and more.

  72. Thumb 1488346680 artwork

    72: Luke Lefevre

    Today, I talk with Luke Lefevre, Senior Executive Creative Director for Dave Ramsey. We talk about the importance of faith in his life, what makes a successful team, eliminating the fear of imposter syndrome, and more.

  73. Thumb 1487763803 artwork

    71: Doc Reed

    Today, I talk with illustrator and Designer, Doc Reed. We talk about growing up a preacher’s kid, figuring out your style, finding time to create for yourself, and more.

  74. Thumb 1487158916 artwork

    70: Victor Davila

    Today, I talk with Victor Davila. Victor is an illustrator, designer, and professor of design at the University of Central Florida. We talk about teaching, AIGA, Giant illustrators, and more.

  75. Thumb 1486554903 artwork

    69: Hoodzpah Design

    Today, I talk with Amy and Jennifer Hood of Hoodzpah Design. We talk about Odds and Sods, Connecting Things and answer your questions in this ask me anything style interview.

  76. Thumb 1485949974 artwork

    68: Kendrick Kidd

    Today, I talk with Kendrick Kid, Associate Creative Director with Shepherd in Jacksonville Florida and half of Half Tone Def. We talk about building blackletter type, beer packaging, raising special needs children, and more.

  77. Thumb 1485345252 artwork

    67: Mattox Shuler

    Today, I talk with Mattox Shuler of Fort Foundry. We talk about design fonts, creating board games, how he’d like to license fonts and more.

  78. Thumb 1484741616 artwork

    66: Rolf Nelson

    Today, I talk with Rolf Nelson an experiential designer based in Dallas, Texas. We talk about working for fossil watches straight out of college, the struggles of starting your own creative agency, designing for large-scale audiences, and more.

  79. Thumb 1484222299 artwork

    65: Leonard "Porkchop" Zimmerman

    Today, we talk with Leonard Porkchop Zimmerman. Leonard is an artist and graphic designer with Weir/Stewart, in Augusta, GA. He’s also the subject of a documentary called Happy: A small film with a big smile, which is a story of dealing with loss and starting over. We talk about how the documentary came about, working through depression, and more

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  81. Thumb 1483712153 artwork

    63: Industrial Designer Pete Whitworth

    Today, I talk with Pete Whitworth. Pete is an Industrial Designer for SmartShape Design, an industrial design firm in Cleveland, Ohio, We talk about working as a caricature while in high school, his time studying industrial design, the intersection of industrial design and user experience design, and more.

  82. Thumb 1483531400 artwork

    62: Industrial Designer Brian Milliff

    Today, I talk with Brian Milliff. Brian is a Product Designer for SmartShape Design, an industrial design firm in Cleveland, Ohio, We talk about his time at the Art Institute of Pittsburgh – where he met his wife, the basics of industrial design, the process at SmartShape, and more.

  83. Thumb 1483074876 artwork

    61: Illustrator & Designer Jordan Wong

    Today, I talk with Illustrator and Designer Jordan Wong. We talk about how he searched for a job for two years after college, automatic drawings, his struggles with cultural identity, and more. Plus, Jordan created an incredible poster just for Creative South listeners. Check out the show notes to pre-order yours today.

  84. Thumb 1482842291 artwork

    60: Creative Accounting with Jason Blumer

    Today, I talk with Jason Blumer. Jason is the president of Blumer CPAs an accounting firm that has worked with creatives like Dan Mall and the Forefather Group. We talk about the art of business coaching, steps to building your business, the importance of value pricing, and more.

  85. Thumb 1482472972 artwork

    59: James Taylor, Host of The Creative Life

    Today, I talk with James Taylor, an international authority on creativity based in the UK. We talk about working as a music promoter early in his career, how he go into teaching about creativity, the importance of storytelling, and more.

  86. Thumb 1482157415 artwork

    58: Dylan Menges, by Prayer and Plow

    Today, I talk with Dylan Menges about everything from how his dad won the land he grew up on in a blackjack game, why drawing matters, how to launch a design studio, and doing it all by prayer and plow.

  87. Thumb 1481890415 artwork

    57: Andrew Verboncouer, Partner at Headway

    Today, I talk with Andrew Verboncouer, partner and design lead at Headway a product design firm that specializes in working with startups. Andrew and I talk about how a business major got into design, creating value for users, working in an agile environment, podcasting apps, and more.

  88. Thumb 1481717328 artwork

    56: Focus Lab Co-Founder, Bill Kenney

    Today, I talk with Bill Kenney, co-founder of Focus Lab, a full-service agency based out of Savanah, GA. We talk about growing up in Martha’s Vineyard, the challenges of leadership while working remotely, and more.

  89. Thumb 1481544449 artwork

    55: Icon Designer Kyle Adams

    Today, I talk with icon designer Kyle Adams, about working in a job that didn’t challenge him, going out on his own without a backup plan, icon design, and his podcast, Behind the Brand, all right after this.

  90. Thumb 1481284445 artwork

    54: Britt Davis, Graphic Designer with the Atlanta Falcons

    Today, I talk with Britt Davis, a Graphic Design for the Atlanta Falcons. We talk about going to Savannah College of Art and Design for grad school, her time at Spike TV, how she got into sports design, superhero movies, Star Wars, and more.

  91. Thumb 1481120413 artwork

    53: The Banner Years with Brad Weaver and Tara Victoria

    Today, I talk with Brad Weaver and Tara Victoria of The Banner Years, a branding, storytelling, and experience design studio that makes ideas happen with heart. We talk about how The Banner Years Started, balancing a professional and romantic relationship, Brad’s book the Creative Truth, dealing with anxiety and depression, and more.

  92. Thumb 1480948542 artwork

    52: Adam Martin, Host of Makers of Sport

    Today, I talk with freelance designer and host of the Makers of Sport Podcast, Adam Martin. Makers of Sport, is a sports design and branding podcast that interviews notable designers in the world of sport. We talk about how Adam got into sports branding, where the podcast started, and more.

  93. Thumb 1480680408 artwork

    51: Nova Scotia's Own Liz Mac

    Today, I talk with Nova Scotia, Canada-based designer and illustrator Liz Mac. We talk about performing fire arts when she was younger, leaving the arts to pursue being a pastry chef, coming back to the arts after a knee injury, D&D, modeling, guys with cameras, and more.

  94. Thumb 1480507854 artwork

    50: Shane Helm, Creative By Design

    Today, I talk with Shane Helm, Chief Creative Officer for Engage, a digital agency working in the political arena. We talk about the importance of faith to him, his career path, and Creative by Design – a program focusing on faith and how God intended for us to use our talents to impact the world.

  95. Thumb 1480313390 artwork

    49: Master of One Podcast

    Today on the podcast, I talk with the guys from Master of One Podcast, Andrew, Luke, and Patrick. If you’re not familiar with Master of One, it’s a great pop culture podcast focusing on Art and Design, Toys and Games, and Televisions and Film. The guys and I talk about their individual origin stories, how Master of One started, and be sure to listen all the way through to find out how you can win Master of 1 and Creative South Podcast t-shirts

  96. Thumb 1479791858 artwork

    48: Get Weird with Andy Hunt, Creator of NecronomiCards

    Today on the podcast, I talk with Andy Hunt the creator of NecronomiCards, a horror-themed card game. We talk about starting off freelancing while working at a sushi restaurant, the challenges of working for a start-up, balancing a family, full-time job, and freelance, all while starting NecrominiCards, and more.

  97. Thumb 1479469685 artwork

    47: Whiskey and Branding with Peter Bacallao

    Today, I talk with Miami-based designer, Peter Bacallao about growing up a 1st generation Cuban-American, battling depression and anxiety, how surrounding himself with positivity helped him find self-confidence, and how it improved his work.

  98. Thumb 1479192678 artwork

    46: Inappropriate Jokes with Jillian Adel

    Today, I talk with Los Angeles based illustrator, designer and hand lettering artist, Jillian Adel. We talk about her time working in agencies in New York, the challenges of being self-employed, pole dancing, tarot readings, and more.

  99. Thumb 1478865503 artwork

    45: Dream Big with Jamal Collins

    Today, I talk with designer and educator Jamal Collins, better known as Jay Working. We talk about growing up in East Cleveland, working in-house and feeling isolated and like and outsider, what educating kids in digital arts has done for him, and more.

  100. Thumb 1478627765 artwork

    44: Bringing Fire with Scott Biersack

    Today, I talk with designer and hand lettering artist, Scott Biersack. We talk about being nearly homeless when he was younger, his time studying type designs at the Cooper Union, dealing with depression and anxiety, the pressure he puts on himself, and more.

  101. Thumb 1478260995 artwork

    43: Josh Ariza of Chomp

    Today, I talk with Josh Ariza, a freelance designer and founder of Chomp, a lifestyle clothing brand based out of Costa Mesa, California. We talk about the value of mentors, running your own business, finding your unique voice, and more.

  102. Thumb 1478022301 artwork

    42: Humbly Made with Mitch Shepherd

    Today, I talk with Mitch Shepherd of Humbly Made, a lifestyle clothing brand based out of Raleigh, North Carolina. We talk about growing up in Ohio, the challenges of running your own business, working with other artists for Humbly Made’s Designer Series, and more.

  103. Thumb 1477656416 artwork
  104. Thumb 1477372441 artwork

    40: Making Design Great Again with Mossio

    Today, the boys from Mossio, Jerett Paterson, Corey Haggard and Peter Deltondo hop on the mics and chat with us. If you’re not familiar with Mossio, they are a full-service product design agency with remote roots and have worked with the likes of Weebly and SimplyHired. We talk about the pros and cons of running a remote agency, their 4-day work week, and the importance of creating a work-life balance for their team.

  105. Thumb 1477111636 artwork

    39: Bluu Dreams' Anderson Bluu

    This is the first time I’m posting a second full episode in a week, that wasn’t a bonus episode! I’m excited and hope that y’all are too. Because, if the response is good and y’all keep listening, I’m going to try to make this a permanent thing. Today, I sit down with Anderson Munro, founder of the lifestyle brand Bluu Dreams. If you recognize Anderson’s name from the podcast it’s because a few weeks ago he was on one of the bonus Episodes recorded Live at WMCFest. I had a great time talking with Anderson and was curious to learn more about him, so I invited him back for a full episode. We talk about everything from growing up a first generation American, to being an accountant by day, to his exciting new work with Mitchell & Ness, RenArts, and Reebok for The Dead End Kids, a ’86 Mets capsule.

  106. Thumb 1476790039 artwork

    38: Twitch.TV Senior Brand Designer, Alex Lazaris

    We’ve gone through all of the bonus episodes from WMC fest, and starting this Friday we’re moving full time into two full episodes a week. Today, I sit down with my friend Alex Lazaris, At the time we recorded this he was the lead visual designer for Mavenlink but has since moved on to We talk about growing up in Texas, he's adrenaline fueled hobbies, mentoring other designers, and more.

  107. Thumb 1476444779 artwork

    Live From WMC: Ryan Roghaar

    We’re wrapping up the bonus episodes recorded Live at Weapons of Mass Creation. In this episode, I sit down with Ryan Roghaar of R2 Media Group and talk about working with a partner in Spain, the challenges of splitting time between two continents, how he got to where he is today, and more.

  108. Thumb 1476162170 artwork

    37: Jerrod Maruyama

    Today on the show I talk with illustrator. Jerrod Maruyama. If you aren’t familiar with Jerrod, he's done a ton of work for companies like Facebook, Nickelodeon, Mattel, and Hasbro. He’s probably best known to the design world for his kawaii style illustrations and creating Hipster Mickey for Disney’s Wonderground Gallery. We sit down at talk about his career path, the process of working with Disney, doing side projects just for himself, and much more.

  109. Thumb 1475839632 artwork

    Live From WMC: Brittany Barnhart

    We’re wrapping up the bonus episodes recorded Live at Weapons of Mass Creation. In this episode, I’m joined by my beautiful and talented co-host, Lenny Terenzi of Hey Monkey! Design. We sit down with Brittany Barnhart and talk with her about getting started in the industry as a freelancer, the importance of experimenting with your work, her passion for illustration, her favorite type of beer, and more.

  110. Thumb 1475558612 artwork
  111. Thumb 1475235633 artwork

    Live From WMC: Doc Reed

    We’re continuing with the bonus episodes recorded Live at Weapons of Mass Creation. In this episode, I fired my former co-host Blake Stevenson of Jetpacks and Rollerskates in favor of Mr. Hey Monkey himself, Lenny Terenzi. We sit down with Doc Reed and talk with him about lucid dreaming, the importance of listening, and the best and worst advice he’s ever gotten.

  112. Thumb 1474958550 artwork
  113. Thumb 1474643299 artwork

    Live From WMC: Dustin Lee

    We’re continuing with the bonus episodes recorded Live at Weapons of Mass Creation. In this episode, I’m joined once again by a special guest co-host, Blake Stevenson of Jetpacks and Rollerskates. We sit down and talk with Dustin Lee of Retro Supply, about awkward off mic moments, why he started Retrosupply and his new project, Passive Income for Designers, where he teaches designers how to market and sell products to earn an income. And, I give him a hard time about his podcast, Passive Income for Designers, which just released a new episode after an extended hiatus.

  114. Thumb 1474354576 artwork

    34: Forefathers

    My guests this week are the guys from Forefathers, Emir, Jonden, and Matt. We talk about everything under the sun, from them all meeting for the first time in person last April at Creative South, to working with their business coach, Jason Blumer, who specializes in helping people in the creative and tech world, how they tackle working between 3 time zones and two continents, Their “Revision Manifesto” and how it has changed their business and the relationships they have with their clients, all that and Jonden coins the term “Piss Wizard.”

  115. Thumb 1474038761 artwork

    Live From WMC: Anderson Munro

    We’re continuing with the bonus episodes recorded Live at Weapons of Mass Creation. In this episode, I’m joined by a special guest co-host, Blake Stevenson of Jetpacks and Roller-skates. We sit down and talk with Anderson Munro of Bluu Dreams, an Aquatic themed clothing brand about his company, how he got his start, and the best and worst advice he’s ever gotten.

  116. Thumb 1473666771 artwork

    33: Derek Friday

    My guest this week is Derek Friday, an environmental graphic designer based out of Boulder, Colorado and Hamburg, Germany. We talk about how he shifted from essentially getting a degree in architecture into doing environmental graphic design, moving around and splitting his time between the US and Germany, and the importance of relationships and collaboration.

  117. Thumb 1473430561 artwork

    Live from WMC: Kevin Greene

    We’re continuing with the bonus episodes recorded Live at Weapons of Mass Creation. In this episode, I’m joined by a special guest co-host, Mr. Blake Stevenson of Jetpacks and Roller-skates. We sit down and talk with New Jersey-based Designer and Illustrator, Kevin Greene about growing up in a blue-collar family, designing the Shorty Awards, and pushing himself to pursue more illustration work.

  118. Thumb 1473145691 artwork

    32: Peter Deltondo

    My guest this week is Peter Deltondo, Creative Director for Mossio and an integral part of the Creative South Team. We talk about how he got his start with Creative South, Design vs Cancer, his path to Mossio, the benefits and challenges of being part of a remote team, and more.

  119. Thumb 1472793663 artwork

    Live from WMC: Joe Baron

    We’re continuing with the bonus episodes recorded Live at Weapons of Mass Creation. In this episode, I talk with designer Joe Baron of Branded Baron about Ink Wars, the importance of having a good lawyer, and we do bad impressions of Muppets and Thundercats.

  120. Thumb 1472572472 artwork

    31: Jason Craig

    My guest this week is Jason Craig, a designer and illustrator, based out of Augusta, Georgia. We talk about growing up in central Illinois, hustling to find work, balancing his day job with freelancing, and more.

  121. Thumb 1472209920 artwork

    Live From WMC: Dylan Menges

    This special bonus episode was recorded live at Weapons of Mass Creation. Dylan Menges joined me in the balcony of the State theater lobby for a short conversation about being a competitor in ink wars and the importance of drawing with your hands instead of just the computer.

  122. Thumb 1471953963 artwork

    30: Illustrator Catherine Moore

    My guest this week is Catherine Moore. Catherine is an Atlanta-based Illustrator and an Assistant Professor of Art at Georgia Gwinnett College, she has done work for Men’s Health and Atlanta Magazines, as well as, Emory University and the University of Tennessee. We talk about how she went from getting a BA in Psychology from the University of Wisconsin to an MFA in Illustration from Savanah College of Art and Design, why she wanted to teach, and where her love of art and illustration came from.

  123. Thumb 1471544165 artwork

    Live from WMC: 4 Guys Walk Into a Bar at the Dribbble Meetup

    This special bonus episode was recorded live at the Dribble Meetup during Weapons of Mass Creation. I had the opportunity to talk with Mitch Shepherd of Humbly Made, Mike Sulick from Fan Brandz, and Mr. Wongface himself – Jordan Wong about life, work, and automatic drawing.

  124. Thumb 1471359341 artwork

    29: Jason Ratner

    My guest this week is Jason Ratner, a designer with Disney Design Group. We walk about growing up in New York, getting started with an internship at Disney, what it’s like to work at Disney, becoming a parent, and much more.

  125. Thumb 1470925120 artwork

    Live from WMC: Steph Squared at the Dribbble Meetup

    This is a special bonus episode of the podcast recorded live at Weapons of Mass Creation during the Dribbble Meetup. I sit down with two Stephanies — Steph Squared if you will — for short conversations about life, work, and a ton of random stuff.

  126. Thumb 1470782236 artwork

    28: Carlos Basabe

    This past weekend I was in Cleveland for Weapons of Mass Creation, and I had the opportunity to record the podcast live from Vendor Village. I recorded a series of short 15 minute interviews while I was there and at the Dribbble meetup afterward, with some incredibly talented people. So, for the next several weeks we’ll be posting those interviews on Thursdays as bonus episodes. And speaking of WMC fest, my guest this week – Carlos Basabe, was the Emcee of Ink Wars at Weapons of Mass Creation. Carlos is a talented illustrator and designer, who runs his own company, Four Six Six studios, based in Washington DC. We talk about his early life in Havana, Cuba, growing up in Florida, his path to becoming an illustrator and designer and much more.

  127. Thumb 1470150475 artwork
  128. Thumb 1469790159 artwork

    Breaking Bread with Mike Jones

    My guest today is Mike Jones, co-founder of Creative South. This episode is a little different, Mike and I sat down in my living room to talk about Weapons of Mass Creation, building relationships, and tons of great food in Cleveland.

  129. Thumb 1469517044 artwork

    26: OK Pants

    My guest this week is Aaron Sechrist, better known to the design world as OK Pants. Aaron has worked with clients like Disney, House of Blues, and Patton Oswalt; as well as having his work featured in the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. We talk about growing up in Cleveland, his blue color work ethic, getting his start out of college designing ads for escorts in the local arts and leisure newspaper, his love for stand-up comedy, and his involvement with Weapons of Mass Creation.

  130. Thumb 1468936033 artwork

    25: Johnny Gwin

    My guest this week is my friend, Johnny Gwin, co-founder of Hummingbird Ideas, Deep Fried Studios, and Container Yard – a co-working space he founded with his wife, Stacy Wellborn – that opened last week. Johnny and I sat down in front of the mics in his podcast studio to talk about his career path, and how a PoliSci major ended up the co-founder of an ad agency, a podcasting studio, and a co-working space.

  131. Thumb 1468355689 artwork

    24: Bethany Heck

    My guest this week is Bethany Heck. Bethany is currently a creative lead for Microsoft’s Power BI team. Her work has been featured in New York Magazine, The New Yorker, Wired, Smashing Magazine, Uppercase Magazine and several other international publications. In addition to that, she runs Eephus League, an online shop dedicated to the fringes of baseball, and freelances under her company Heck House. Bethany and I talk about, growing up the child of a design professor, her love of baseball, the difference between being a designer and being a creative director, and much more.

  132. Thumb 1467707936 artwork

    23: Weapons of Mass Creation

    My guest this week Is Bryan Garvin, from Weapons of Mass Creation. Bryan and I get into the nitty-gritty details of why you should come to WMCFest. We cover everything from speakers like Stefan Sagmeister and Mark Brickey of Adventures In Design, the incredible workshops on topics like How to Start and Build a Profitable Design Business or Sign painting, the entertaining podcasts, the Cleveland studio tour, and the amazing meet and greets and parties that are planned. If you head over the between now and July 10th you can get two tickets for the price of one. That’s right, Buy One Get One free. So, bring a friend and head to Cleveland the first week of August for Weapons of Mass Creation!

  133. Thumb 1467126640 artwork

    22: Inch X Inch

    My guests this week are Drew Hill and Bob Ewing of Inch X Inch. Drew and Bob are life long friends, and currently Art Directors for Element 3 in Indianapolis. After hours they run Inch X inch, a monthly subscription button club. Inch X Inch features different artists each month and donates all of the profits to charities focusing on art in schools. We talk about the birth of their friendship, why the chose the charities they donate to, and their relationship with Busy Beaver Button Co., French Paper, and Mama’s Sauce.

  134. Thumb 1466547887 artwork

    21: Change your Perspective with Scotty Russell

    My guest this week is my friend, Scotty Russell. Scotty is an illustrative hand lettering artist, and motivation creative coach, in his spare time he holds down a day job as an in-house creative for an industrial manufacturer in Cedar Falls, Iowa. Scotty and I met last year when he came to Mobile to speak at an AIGA portfolio review. I was truly floored by his story and the message behind it. This year at Creative South he presented a version of that same talk and was greeted with a standing ovation at the end.

  135. Thumb 1465889433 artwork

    20: Antionette Carroll

    Antoinette Carroll is the CEO of Creative Reaction Labs, a non-profit based out of St. Louis, dedicated to using design for social innovation and to improve the human experience. She is also the president of AIGA St Louis, she created and serves as chair of the Diversity and Inclusion Initiative at the local level, and at the national level, she is the Chair of AIGA’s Diversity and Inclusion Task Force.

  136. Thumb 1465283246 artwork

    19: Ben Stafford

    My guest this week is Ben Stafford. Ben and his wife Beth own and run Fox Meadow Creative, an Ohio-based design studio specializing in brand identity, illustration, print, and digital graphics. We talk about growing up in Ohio, what it’s like to run a business with your spouse, why adoption is so important to him, and teaching online.

  137. Thumb 1464717176 artwork

    18: Adam Grason

    My guest this week is Adam Grason. Adam is a freelance designer based out of Orlando, FL and has worked with clients like Hallmark and Disney. Adam and I talk about his growing up in a rough neighborhood, a series of unfortunate losses that threw him into a deep depression, Adam’s time with Disney, and the ups and does that come with running your own business.

  138. Thumb 1464110140 artwork

    17: Alicja Colon

    Our guest this week is Alicja Colon. Alicja is a commercial lifestyle product photographer, based out of Savannah, GA working at Focus Lab. We talk about studying graphic design in college, and transitioning from designer to wedding photographer to a project manager and then finally into her current career. We also discuss how working with Stocksy United taught her how to better craft a story. And, when you get done listening to Alicja here go listen to her podcast Manual Focus, where she does short segments about the business of photography.

  139. Thumb 1463510820 artwork

    16: Victor Yocco

    My guest this week is Victor Yocco. Victor is a User Experience Researcher working for EY-Intuitive out of Philadelphia. He has written several articles for the likes of A List Apart and Smashing Magazine and has recently written a book about User Experience Research called, Design for the Mind: Seven Psychological Principles of Persuasive Design. We talk about how user experience research works within the context of design, the culture of alcohol in tech and agency settings, his own dealings with substance abuse, getting sober, and ways to address the underlying issue that lead to substance abuse.

  140. Thumb 1462995467 artwork

    15: Rocky Roark

    My guest this week is Rocky Roark. Rocky is a San Diego-based Designer and Illustrator, working for Digital Telepathy by day and freelancing by night. He has worked with clients like Facebook, Box, and Adobe. I talk with Rocky about, growing up in Georgia, getting his start working for Focus Lab, and this new venture Slap! Stickers.

  141. Thumb 1462288717 artwork

    14: John Howard of Black Airplane

    My guest this week is John Howard. John is the founder of Black Airplane, a branding and web design firm based out of Atlanta. Black Airplane has worked with clients like Coca-Cola and Rocket Donations. I talk with John about how he got his start in design by doing flyers for Christian rock bands, how a door closing on a job forced him into the entrepreneurial world, and his new product SlingShot – a project collaboration tool for designers.

  142. Thumb 1461703430 artwork

    13: diane gibbs - Recharging you!

    My guest this week is diane gibbs. diane is an associate professor of Graphic Design at the University of South Alabama, she also runs her own design company, Little Bird Communications, and is the host of Design Recharge, a weekly interview series, where she talks with other designers and creative professionals. I talk with diane about her faith, teaching, her motivation behind starting Design Recharge, and so much more.

  143. Thumb 1461052400 artwork

    12: Von Glitschka

    My guest this week is Illustrative Designer and vector guru Von Glitschka. If you aren’t familiar with Von, Google him and get back to me on when you run out of results. We talk about growing up in the Pacific Northwest, his first job in a screen printing shop, how he got approached by How Magazine for his first speaking gig, and his tutorial series through And make sure you check out the show notes for links to Von’s books, and other things he’s done.

  144. Thumb 1460730854 artwork

    Live from Creative South with Clark Orr

    This is a special bonus episode of the podcast with designer and Illustrator Clark Orr. We sat down and recorded this live, in front of 700 people, from the stage at Creative South last week. Clark is based out of Orlando and has worked with brands like Johnny Cupcakes, Benny Good, and Metallica. We talk about how skateboarding and punk music influenced his design early on, designing for popular apparel brands, creating a work-life balance and what the future holds for him.

  145. Thumb 1460506131 artwork

    11: Scott Fuller of Studio Temporary

    My guest today is Scott Fuller of The Studio Temporary. Scott is an Atlanta-based designer, who has had the pleasure of speaking at Creative South in the past. Scott and I sit down to talk about the hustle to find clients, being a Table Tennis whiz kid, what the future holds for him, and the joys and challenges of raising special needs children.

  146. Thumb 1459856448 artwork

    10: Eric Friedensohn

    My guest today is Eric Friedensohn. Eric is a freelance designer and hand lettering artist, based out of New York City. We talk about his passion for travel, which lead him to internships in Prague and Lithuania during college, working with friends in an accountability group to keep pushing himself to work on projects and hold him to his goals, how Creative South introduced him to some amazing friendships, and his up coming Summer of Sketching project that you can learn more about at

  147. Thumb 1459284388 artwork

    9: Blake Stevenson of Jetpacks and Rollerskates

    My guest today is Blake Stevenson. Blake is a full-time designer and illustrator, based out of Toronto, Canada, working a day job in marketing. He fills the rest of his time as the guy behind Jetpacks and Roller-skates, creating illustrations based on his love of music, video games, comics, and old-school pop culture. I talk with Blake about dealing with imposter syndrome, the importance of communications skills in the real world, how his illustrations have started to change now that he’s had a kid, and being able to give back to the creative community.

  148. Thumb 1458852342 artwork

    Bonus Episode – Hebah

    This is a special bonus episode of the podcast, with my guest is Hebah. Hebah is an alternative designer, based out of San Diego. We talk about how culture and diversity influence her design, and finding common ground with people from different cultures by trying to set aside your biases and not judging people based on their religion, ethnicity, gender or sexual orientation. Hebah is giving away a ticket to Creative South over on her website, You have until March 31st to enter. Good luck!

  149. Thumb 1458670996 artwork

    8: Stay Gray Ponyboy's Matt Dawson

    My guest this week is Matt Dawson of Stay Gray Pony Boy. We talk about growing up in South Louisiana, Type Combo Tuesdays, splitting time between Atlanta and Baton Rouge, and his upcoming conference Crop in Baton Rouge, which is close to selling out in it’s first year.

  150. Thumb 1458071128 artwork

    7- Aaron Draplin

    My guest this week is the master of thick lines — Aaron Draplin. We talk about growing up in the midwest, his busy work and speaking schedule, family, Aaron Teases his talk at Creative South, and we discuss his up coming book Draplin Design Co.: Pretty Much Everything available at

  151. Thumb 1457465477 artwork

    6: Danielle Evans

    Danielle is an award winning Designer and lettering artist, specializing in food typography, She has worked with Clients like Target, Cadillac, and Bath and Body works. I talk with Danielle about how working through being depressed led to her start in such a specialized niche and collaborating with other designers and artists right after this.

  152. Thumb 1457042431 artwork

    5: Brian Manley

    My guest this week is Brian Manley of Fun With Robots Design Company. He has worked with bands like Manchester United and Taking Back Sunday, as well as To Chef Kevin Gillespie. I talk with Brian about everything from starting off working in youth ministry in southern California, to punk music, to dealing with imposter syndrome and figuring out wear you fit in, to BBQ

  153. Thumb 1456294331 artwork

    4: Shauna Lynn Panczyszyn

    Welcome to the Creative South Podcast, I’m your host Jason Frostholm – @jfrostholm on Twitter. Creative South is coming up in just under two months and tickets are going fast, I you haven’t picked up your ticket yet, or you still need to sign up for a workshop – head over to and register today.

    My guest this week is Shauna Lynn Panczyszyn. Shauna is an award winning Hand Lettering Artist and Illustrator, and has worked with clients like International Delight, Publix, Fortune Magazine, and the Wall Street Journal. I talk with her about everything from studying opera in cCollege, to figure skating as an adult, to dealing with anxiety.

  154. Thumb 1455819469 artwork

    3: Fraser Davidson

    My guest this week is Fraser Davidson. Fraser is a London-based animator and designer where he runs Cub Studios and Field Theory, his sports branding company. He’s worked with the likes of Tim Minchin, Bill Mahrer, Facebook, Nike and ESPN. We talk about how he collaborates with his clients and other designers, getting death threats, Z and Zed, and sports branding.

  155. Thumb 1455224203 artwork

    2: Lenny Terenzi

    This episode features Lenny Terenzi of Hey! Monkey Design out of Raleigh, North Carolina. We talk about his life, how he was creatively lost and found his way back with the help of AIGA, and what the future holds for him.

  156. Thumb 1454631811 artwork

    1: Mike Jones

    Welcome to the first episode of the Creative South Podcast. We talk with Mike Jones, co-founder of Creative South about how the conference got started, what we can look forward to in 2016 and what the future may hold.

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